The Chirp Wheel

I saw an ad for a chirp wheel on my Facebook today and I had to chuckle a bit…

Then I realized, I hadn’t updated my blog post in sometime.

In fact, I completely forgot to update you all on my new birthday party! We decided that going forward, on the weekend of my one year cancer anniversary, we would have a “pink party”. Everyone was requested to come decked out in pink, we had all pink foods, only pink floatation devices in the pool, and.. the most important piece…a margarita machine.

The party turned out FABULOUS! We had so much fun, and a group of us even spent so much time in our hot tub that our swimsuits bled dye into the water… which colored it PINK! And then subsequently had to be drained the next day because I wasn’t sure if maybe I had just spilled a marg in there a few too many times. 🙄

1st annual all pink pool party!

July 26th will forever be a terrible day in my book. 2021 came the diagnosis with cancer and 2022, my sweet Grandma passed away. How ironic that both terrible things happened on the same day. Note to self: if July 26th falls on a Saturday, the Pink Party will need to be rescheduled for a new date.

At the end of August, I finished my very last Keytruda treatment! It was a bittersweet moment leaving the infusion room knowing that these nurses that I saw so incredibly often and who took such great care of me, I wasn’t going to see on a regular basis anymore. Even though that part was sad, I was incredibly happy to say adios to them in hopes that I would only be back to say a quick hello, or deliver Christmas presents in the future.

It was a very odd feeling when the Oncologist said… “Okay, see you in 3 months!” 3 months!? I’ve practically lived with you guys for the last year and you guys are kicking me out for 3 months!? What do I do now!? Do I still call you guys if I get a fever? It felt so unnatural. I was instructed to call if anything “new changed”.

Flash forward a couple weeks into my 3 month hiatus… and I decided to go get a massage. The masseuse had some very heavy hands. It actually really hurt! Upon massaging my back, I realized that her pressure hurt really REALLY bad. According to the masseuse that was “not normal.”

Of course my mind started racing and I thought.. maybe it would be a good idea to get a chirp wheel to help stretch my back muscles to see if that helped before I took any additional steps towards medical testing. So.. the chirp wheel was purchased.

Mind you.. I had zero back pain when some lady wasn’t putting all of her body weight on my back.

I began using the chirp wheel every day for a week or so… and then my back started to hurt all the time. Sitting, standing, with or without heat, with or without exercise and of course, I’m now stressed.

I called my oncologist and told them my symptoms and they sent me to get a CT scan of my lower spine and pelvis.

The CT scan was pretty minimal, except the contrast makes you feel like you are peeing your wants. A few days later, the test results came back all clear.

So.. lesson learned here.. 1. Evaluate what in the world you are doing to your body before you freak out. And 2. If anyone wants a chirp wheel, I have a set for sale that are elves on the shelves are currently using.

I made it to my first 3 months checkup! I got to make fun of my chirp wheel situation with my oncologist and chit chat with my favorite nurse! I see them again in 3 more months pending I don’t do anything else radically dumb to myself.

Since that appointment, we’ve had Halloween, Thanksgiving, and.. our done with cancer treatment/early celebration of our 10 year wedding anniversary in Saint Lucia.

Saint Lucia, was a dream! We stayed at an all-inclusive called Serenity at Coconut Bay that came with a private villa and a butler! JR and I didn’t know what to do with ourselves!

I had this crazy and radical idea that we should rent a car, drive on the opposite side of the road, on the right hand of a vehicle, through twisty and turning roads to go explore Saint Lucia but I think that gave JR a lot of anxiety… and even more anxiety when I offered to drive. We ended up opting to just stay on the resort because the place was incredibly magical by itself and we really didn’t have a reason to leave!

We spent our entire time reading, soaking in the sun, and slurping down frozen cocktails. We spent one day in a beach cabana and even got to go snorkeling right off the beach! The water was warm and clear and the the weather was perfect the entire time! The food at the resort was also amazing even though they only had one restaurant! The restaurant was 5-star! They even served you sorbet in between courses to “cleanse your palate”.

All in all- vacation was wonderful! We got back and celebrated Beau boy’s second birthday and now are resting up to spend a few days down south with friends and family between Christmas and New Years!


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