9/6/21 Mullets & Rat Tails

Chemo #2 did not disappoint! Last week I was feeling a bit down because my tumor hadn’t shrunk yet. (Literally laughing at myself because I had only one treatment). When I went in for my pre doctors appointment before chemo #2, Dr. Gupta asked if I could feel the tumor shrinking. I told him not really and he confirmed it typically would take about 4 treatments. We also talked about recurrence since that was a big item weighing on my mind. Dr. Gupta put in some calculations and based upon all of my data elements, he advised that my recurrence rate was 15% NOT taking into consideration the new medication I was receiving! So, that should take it down even more! I will likely have a 90% chance of the cancer NOT coming back! I’ll take it!!

I was feeling pretty good after my treatment on Monday! My blood counts were all good and I was able to work again during treatment! On Tuesday morning, I woke up and to much surprise… felt no massive lump in my breast! Praise god! I texted JR (who was at the gym) and when he got home I had him cop a feel—- he couldn’t feel the massive lump either! It literally had been zapped down to not being detectable by touch in less than 24 hours from the day before! The chemotherapy is working!!!!

I made is through last week with little to no side effects! I was pretty sleepy a couple days but getting to bed at a decent time seemed to help! I was even able to gather up my family for a little photo shoot of the kids. It was a total fail, per my daughter. It started to rain while we we were outside, Beau fell off of a chair I was using for a prop, and he cried 95% of the time. Despite the chaos, I did get some great photos! I cannot wait to get the prints in that I ordered! 

👇🏼 one of my favorites!


On Friday, I got my Covid booster shot. I didn’t get sick with shots #1 and #2 so I wasn’t worried about feeling terrible. Unfortunately, #3 did me in. About 36 hours after the shot, I started to feel better! I am very thankful that the booster side effects didn’t last long! 
Also on Friday, my tribe of people walked into my house wearing #teamnichole shirts! Even baby Beau had a shirt!! Special shout out to my girl Brea for organizing a T-shirt fundraiser! The overwhelming support from everyone makes my heart so happy! ♥️♥️♥️
Today, the inevitable happened. We had plans to go to lunch and do a little shopping. I went to take a shower, had big plans to do my hair up real nice, and when I was showering I noticed that my hair was coming out in copious amounts. They said my hair might just thin and I may not lose it all for the first 12 weeks, but seeing your hair coming out in chunks is nauseating to me. I also wanted to make sure I could donate as much as possible…so.. the emergency phone call to my bestie for the dreaded hair cut was made. Tinleigh even got in on the action and helped to give me a cut!
I highly recommend you find yourself a best friend that will give you a mullet when your hair is falling out from chemotherapy. A friend that will cry with you, give you big hugs, and then shave off the mullet and braid your rat tail for you. https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1Gv3pzB-V2YcEvsUPpXgCR92f9Xw2_ejbhttps://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1PXAWbkJMkHRJYPkePQkFREmjm6OOzk9vhttps://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1_TOfGhwvNYs4iAykAK5WT57CP677vRkB

..on to round three. 💗💗💗


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