9/18/21 1/4 of the Way Through Treatment… Let’s Order Cake!

Guys! I have 1/4 through treatment! In true Nichole fashion, I ordered a cake to celebrate! 

(It’s a mini cake… not like a sheet cake… and also if you’re judging me.. take your judgements elsewhere because you only live once! ✌🏼)

Overall, in terms of chemo- round 3 was probably my hardest. I think for a couple reasons: 

1. I got the Covid booster shot a few days before my third round and it did make me sick. 

2. I got into my head a little bit too much about the Covid shot, it impacting my WBC counts, and the stress and worry I think produced a mini panic attack of some sort while I was getting pre-meds on round 3. I was TOTALLY fine but had a little reaction of some sort and they had to slow the drip down on my pre-meds. 

4. I didn’t get up and move as much as I did before. I was definitely more sleepy after round 3. 

While I was getting infused with round 2, a lady who was at least double my age and then some was getting the dreaded “red devil” chemo. (That’s what I get in 8 more weeks.) We were discussing the treatment, what I could expect, etc. and she said that she has had almost ZERO side effects from that drug!  She said she attributes it to walking 10,000 steps a day! 

Wow! What a powerhouse that lady is! If that doesn’t inspire you to get up and move, I don’t know what will! This “red devil” is rumored to be one of the worst chemotherapy drugs to get and she is literally a boss going through it.. just walking her 10k steps and eating her ice chips through treatment! (That helps prevent mouth sores.) Yesssss queen! You go girl! 🙌🏼

Working from home definitely makes it hard to get 10k steps in a day but I’m going to try for 7k daily to see if that helps! I also need to get my booty back on my Peloton. I am getting super close to my century ride and I want a shout out! My goal is to get back on the Peloton at least twice this week. Since I’ve put it in my blog which will get published to others.. I have to stick to my word. If you have a peloton- add me as a friend and keep me honest!!! (Nicholell)

Last week, I got my genetic results back! Out of 80 some genes they tested, mine were ALL normal! Praise god! While that means we have no idea what caused my cancer, it does mean:

1. I don’t have the BRACA gene that I could have passed to my kids. 

2. I don’t have Neurofibramatosis 1 or 2! That means that Beau’s genetic disorder was a spontaneous genetic mutation and since I don’t carry the NF genes, he does not have an even more increased risk of developing breast cancer! 

Although it left us with some missing links.. I am very grateful that this is not something that can be passed to my children. It also means that in the event that I need more treatment (radiation) after my mastectomy, there is not a genetic mutation that would prevent me from being able to do that! 

Also in the good news department, Dr. Gupta did a breast exam before treatment #4 and agreed he could not feel the lump! JR said it was like golf ball sized before! How amazing is science!? My WBC counts also came UP this week! They had dropped after the Covid shot but this week they were back up! My vessel is holding up well! All the glory to god! 

This week I got round 4, which included the new FDA approved medication again! I started out super worried that the drugs weren’t working. Now, I have to keep telling myself that I have to keep going with treatment despite the tumor shrinking in order to try and prevent and lower my recurrence rate. It’s like starting antibiotics and quitting the round of antibiotics as soon as your symptoms clear up. You have to take the full round in order to ensure you get all the nasty stuff killed. 12 more rounds of chemo to go! We are going to do an ultrasound in 8 more weeks to check the status of the tumor! 🤞🏼🤞🏼Fingers crossed it’s M.I.A!

Everyone warned me that going through cancer was very much a mental game.. everyone was right. It really is a mental game. You have to push yourself to keep going even when you don’t want to. Even though my symptoms have been minimal (IMO), I still don’t feel 100% and no one wants that! I guess this really is the “fight” everyone talks about. 🥊

You all and god are doing wonders to keep me motivated!  The tribe of people that are rallying behind us in every possible way, is literally amazing. You all do not know how appreciative we are of each and every single of one you. I am in awe. I am undeserving of the immense love and support that we are receiving from everyone. Whether you’ve started a fundraiser of some sort, took part in our meal train, worn pink to CrossFit, dropped off something special, or sent me a text message to check in… please know that I am so grateful and so appreciative of your love and support. I want to find a way to thank you all because you have no idea how much it all means to my little family.  💕
My Horace Mann IT family delivered some cardsto my house the other day. Someone wrote in a card that they can’t wait to hear the retrospective after cancer! I promise that the retrospective for all of you will NOT be filled with questions about things we can do better in the next sprint but instead lots of cheers, beers, and celebrations! At the end of this journey, you are going to find me with a big cake for everyone to share!

Prayer requests: 

1. My hair is continuing to fall out. Tinleigh has declared that she hates it. I’m sure that having a mom going through chemo is hard on her. Please pray for Tinleigh, that she finds love and support around her as well. 

2. Please pray that my vessel continues to stay strong through the remainder of this treatment. 

3. Please pray that god continues to open our eyes

To the good he has in store for us. I know there is a lesson to be learned. Please pray that our trust in god remains, that we continue to follow his lead, wherever he plans on taking us. 💕💛💕


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