7/28/21 Hello, It’s me


I’m Nichole! I am a Jesus lover, wife to the greatest fine wine out there, momma to the two best kiddos, dog lover, photographer, and super outdoorsy person! … and by outdoorsy, I mean I like to sit outside on my front porch in a rocking chair with a cold beverage in hand… but like all day.

Okay, there’s my introduction… but let’s take it a bit deeper. 

10 fun facts about myself: 

1. I was once asked to move to LA to be on a show after I randomly stuck my tongue out to a man starting at me on an airplane. 

2. My heart used to beat extremely extremely fast. Like 200 beats/minute… but I had a heart ablation done at 16 to stop that! 

3. My nickname is my name (Nichole) but pronounced as Nee-chole-aye. People in high school called me that and then it kind of left me only to return when someone at work literally thought that was how you pronounce my name. 

4. I used to be the “manager” of my husbands semi pro football team. My job was to collect car keys or “gold chains” from the players who needed to “rent” a jersey. 

5. I am a NICU pro. I had my first baby at 22. She was 8 weeks premature and weighed 3 lbs 12 ounces after I became severely pre-eclamptic. She was only in the NICU for 17 days! I had a son, 7 weeks early after ruptured membranes and then became severely preeclamptic again! He was only in the NICU for 9 days!

6. I once lost 40 lbs… only to gain it all back! 

7. My son was diagnosed with Neurofibramatosis at 4ish months! It’s a disorder that causes benign tumor growth throughout your entire body!

8. I love all candy that your great grandmother probably eats. Circus peanuts, bit o honey, Mary Janes, candy buttons— legit my faves.

9. I love cake.. but I’m not a fan of cupcakes. They totally taste different… I’m now starting to realize how I gained that 40 lbs back…

10. I just turned 30 and was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 23 days later: 7/26/2021.

I need an outlet. Someplace to share my thoughts. When I set up this blog and it asked for a title.. I seriously contemplated naming it “ Nichole’s Thoughts”. SUPER CATCHY!! 

But in reality, I really hope writing about my experiences helps someone else. Have you ever heard the song Oceans by Hillsong? It’s my all time favorite. I listen to it when I’m driving in the car to Starbucks by myself, when something stressful is going on in my life, or any time I feel like I need to be grounded. I listened to it on the way to every single doctors appointment when I was pregnant with my son and today that awesome hubby of mine played it as we were driving to meet with the cancer surgeon. 

Today, this piece of the song stuck out to me.. “I will call upon your name..Keep My Eyes Above the Waves”. It’s been stuck in my head all day today. So, my hope is that for you that are reading this blog that I can help you keep your eyes above the waves, that I can make you smile, laugh, or just enjoy life a little bit more!

God has a plan for me. God has a plan for you too. I hope I can keep you inspired as I try to figure out what God has in store for me. 


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