2/21/22 A half a dozen one, a half a dozen the other.. (yes, I know that is not how the saying goes but if you know the inside joke… you may find the title of this one funny)

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind between doctors appointments and snow storms. 

While writing my last blog, my blood counts were low and I was getting prepped for another ultrasound. The decision to do the last chemo was really up in the air… and if you know me at all, you know that once I start something, I have to finish. I cannot start something and leave it open ended. It’s a major pet peeve of mine. 

When I started treatment, my daughter and I made a paper chain. Each chain link represented a chemo infusion that I needed to get. That last ring was sitting on the shelf and I wanted so badly to rip it in half and throw it away. 

Since my last blog post, I got the ultrasound and results are that the tumor has shrunk a tiny bit more! Not much.. but millimeters here and there! Additionally, there is still no blood flow so theoretically, there should be no food feeding the tumor to make it grow! All in all- good news and I will take it! Doctor Gupta put it a bit into perspective for me… originally, the tumor was basically 3.5 cm x 3 cm so it had a surface area close to 10 cm. It’s now roughly 1.3 x .4 cm. This means the tumor has shrunk by approximately 90%! 

Following the ultrasound, I went to get my blood levels rechecked. My WBC and neutrophils had completely recovered which was a major shock! This allowed me to get my last red devil treatment and rip apart that last chain link! 

Since my last post, I have had the ultrasound, received the last chemo in my plan, and have recovered from it! Thank goodness because this last round was probably the toughest! After chemo, I had one day where I slept 22 hours straight. 😳 That is the first time that has happened and hopefully the last. 

I have really been looking forward to gaining back some new normalcy. With my counts recovering, I was dying to get some much needed time with friends! These past couple weekends we have had dinner in with friends, gone to dinner out with friends, attended a birthday party, and… I even made it back to our favorite gym! I walked in and everyone was wearing pink! The support was overwhelming and so much appreciated! My goal was to just keep moving throughout the workout, and I did accomplish that. I did however 100% cheat my reps and I will not even lie about it! 😂 We celebrated the end of the workout with mimosas and… Jell-O shots! How fitting since I just finished my last jello shot infusion! It felt so good to be back even though I couldn’t move on Sunday. 😂

I really cannot thank everyone enough for their continued support. The kindness and generosity we have received leaves me speechless. From everyone wearing pink, purchasing shirts, delivering food or gifts to us, everyone from Horace Mann supporting us, and everyone who donated to the fund that was started in October at Meraki Salon… there are so many people to thank. Everyone has really gone above and beyond for us and I only hope to be able to repay you all someday. I debated whether or not I would share this next  story in this blog because it’s personal and slightly embarrassing but it’s also absolutely hilarious looking back on it and it’s the absolute truth so… I’m sharing. 

When I was about in 6th grade, I was the super short.. super flat chested girl. I soooo wanted to develop like the other girls in my grade to be like them. For those of you girls that are about my age, you probably remember the little section at Limited Too that had little, slightly padded, slightly cupped bras for girls. Well, I talked my mom into getting me one. We bought the absolute smallest size we could find and I didn’t even fill it out in the slightest but I wore it anyways. The first time wearing it, I was changing in the locker room when one of my closest friends was like “Whoa, look at those babies!” And she totally poked at my new bra which caved in like a sink hole. 😂 I was mortified to say the least. 
Flash forward 20 years, I find it so ironic that something that I wished for is now something that I cannot wait to get rid of. The biggest next step for me is a double mastectomy.. which is scheduled for March 10th. I have a multitude of various doctors appointments between now and then.. and I’m slightly nervous but more excited than anything!
During the mastectomy, they will determine if there is any cancer left in the mass that is still in my breast or if it’s scar tissue. They check the lymph nodes for cancer and make sure there is no cancer in any of the other breast tissue. According to my doctor, there is about a 50/50 chance that there is still cancer in the breast… or that it’s gone completely. 50/50, six to one half a dozen the other, a coin flip, glass half full or half empty. If there is no cancer, I will just continue on with immunotherapy for the next 6 months. If there is cancer, I will do immunotherapy plus some additional chemo. Obviously, my biggest hope is for no cancer! But- we will see soon enough! 

Many people have been asking about Beau…so a little update on him. Beau was scheduled to go back to the NF Clinic this past week but due to the snow storm, we opted to reschedule his appointment. Now, we will go in April to visit with Dr. Morris at the NF Clinic and meet with an ophthalmologist who will be evaluating Beau for any optic gliomas that he may have. Optic gliomas are tumors that grow in the optic nerves and is the next NF symptom that we will be monitoring Beau for. I will definitely keep everyone updated with the outcome of that appointment! We are hopeful that we will have good results! 🤞🏼 
Prayer requests: 
1. Please pray for no cancer to be found in any of the tested tissue post mastectomy! I want a complete response! 
2. Please pray for surgery to go well! 
3. Please pray that my family doesn’t go nuts when I’m unable to lift more than a milk jug for a few weeks. 


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