11/30/21 Did Someone Say… Jello Shots?

Round 1 of the red devil is over!!!!! 

My anxiety was on 10 but having my best friend with me to get treatment made all the difference in the world! Also, one of my favorite nurses got to actually give me the “red devil” chemo which is a manual injection! It helped having familiar faces to joke and laugh through the 10 minute (give or take) of getting essentially what looks like a bright red Jell-O shot in a syringe going straight into your main vein! 

I kept telling myself how much it looked like a big ole Jell-O shot that you get in a syringe on Halloween and somehow, that seemed to make it better! Now, if only it was cherry flavored and filled with vodka poison instead of fungus or chemical poison. 😂😂 

I was super concerned about nausea. I hate being nauseous but honestly, I skated by this past week with very minimal nausea! I stayed on top of the meds that treat that as directed by the doctor and to be quite honest, besides being kind of tired, I have felt pretty decent! I have even rode the peloton the last 3 days!!!!

Yesterday, I went for a checkup and the nurse practitioner was very happy with how I did! To be honest, I am really happy with how I did! I got a blood check and unfortunately, the red devil completely tanked my neutrophils and WBC. Your neutrophils are supposed to be at minimum 1.5. A few weeks ago, mine tanked to .68 but this time it was .1. 

Point 1. My body has literally nothing in it to fight infection… so back on the oral antibiotics I go. Fingers crossed the Neulasta injection I got a week ago starts helping this bone marrow produce!

Baby Beau turns 1 on 12/14 and my next chemo infusion is 12/13. I get a wonderful break from chemo for a couple weeks but that means my Neutrophils will likely be shot for the weekend of 12/18 which is when we planned baby Beau’s birthday party. Thus, we made the decision to cancel. 😩 

I’m pretty bummed about that but I’m still ordering cake and we’re still celebrating his birthday as a family with a zoom call! One cake for Beau, one cake for me. Just kidding!! I’ll share!

Prayer requests: 

1. Pray that these Petri dish kids don’t get me sick!

2. Pray that my bone marrow kicks it into high drive! 

3. Please pray that I continue to do well on one of the harshest chemo drugs on the market!


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