11/16/21 The Devil is in the Details

I have completed all 12 weekly doses of my chemotherapy regimen! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

The last four doses proved to be a bit harder than the first 8. I got a fever and flu like symptoms after each infusion the last four rounds. My WBC and neutrophils tanked and I was at high risk for infection. Luckily, some extremely intelligent people in this world invented shots that boost your bone marrow production! I received six Zarxio shots over the last two weeks and it has helped bring my neutrophils and WBC back up into the normal range! I am so thankful for modern medicine! Having these shots have allowed me the ability to resume my motherly duties and snuggle baby Beau this past weekend when he was home sick. 

I bought a Thankful Turkey and my family and I have been writing every night what we are thankful for! We are thankful for each other, thankful for my wonderful nurses and doctors, and so much more! This year, it feels like the holidays are so much more meaningful. In the past, I truly hated the holidays. I hated the underlying pressure to attend every family function, the pressure to visit four sets of parents, the stress of working around everyone’s schedules…it literally has always put me over the edge. Anything that typically gets me out of my “routine” stresses me out.. and the holidays absolutely do that. 
I decided that our family needed some extra cheer this year so I put our Christmas tree up the first weekend in November. I cried the entire time because I couldn’t stop thinking about the kids on Christmas morning and how I want to make sure I am here for many more Christmas holidays in the future. The fact of the matter is, even though my prognosis is good, we still are not guaranteed tomorrow. So, I decided to be less of a Scrooge this year, take deep breaths, get out of my comfort zone, and try to attend as many family functions as possible.. and make as many memories as possible! 

Since I finished the first half of my treatment plan, I got new scans to check the status of the cancer. The mammogram showed no masses and the ultrasound showed that the mass went down to 1.5 cm from 3cm AND it did not have any vascularity! The sonographer thought it may even just be scar tissue! I guess we will know for sure when I go for surgery but that was all great news! The chemotherapy is working!!!!! On Monday, I start the second half of my chemo regimen which will hopefully kill any and all remaining cancer cells floating around my body. It’s called the red devil because of its bright red color and toxicity. 🤯 Today, someone said, “well the devil is in the details” and I thought about how fitting that phrase is!  This chemotherapy has an important job to find all the remaining cancer cells and kill them. So, praying that this red devil pays attention to the details and kills every.single.cancer.cell remaining! 
Prayer requests: 1. Pray that my body tolerates my next chemo regimen.2. Pray that the chemo regimen does it’s job and kills all remaining cancer cells.


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