10/11/21 Halfway Through Treatment.. Cheers to All of You!

Another big milestone treatment day! I officially completed my 8th round! I’m halfway through chemotherapy! JR bought candy corn cupcakes! It’s like the perfect balance of old people candy with cake! 

It’s been a hot minute since my last blog. There has been so much going on! Beau got a stomach bug that landed him in the E.D., Tinleigh had her first soccer tournament out of town, my mom (who has been the biggest help with the kiddos) got the stomach bug next, then Tinleigh got it. Gah! It has been a rollercoaster of health issues over here and I’m just trying to make sure I stay as healthy as can be. 

In terms of side effects- I’m still rocking and rolling! I did CrossFit one day that I was feeling good, have been on the peloton more, and even had enough energy to go on  a hike one day! I truly believe that staying as active as possible really helps with chemo side effects! My biggest side effect has been fatigue. One moment I’m feeling great, the next I feel like I need to tape my eyelids up to my eyebrows to keep them open! I also have a very odd taste in my mouth for a few days after chemo, so I do find that I have to force myself to eat because nothing really tastes good. 🥴https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1CQcXrjtpI43QEZ1S0ZxVMuGtdzIXfbUw

All in all though, I’m feeling pretty good! I owe a lot of that to my support system that jumps in to allow me the opportunity to sleep when my body is trying to tell me to rest. My mom has been over at the drop of a hat to watch the kids (even when they are sick), my SIL started the food train, my mother in-law stocked my freezer with food which has allowed us to not worry about dinner! Holy cow- not worrying about food has been a lifesaver. 

Throughout this whole cancer journey, J.R. And I have been overwhelmed by the support that we have received. Friends and family have rallied together to help us in as many ways possible. You guys are all amazing! Whether you purchased a t-shirt, showed up to the gym on treatment days in pink, have been part of the collections people have taken up for us, or simply sent over a text message or Bible verse- please know that we are incredibly thankful! Our hearts are overflowing with love. Your support is what is keeping me motivated to KEEP GOING!

I cannot imagine how anyone could go through this without a superior support system. I have been incredibly blessed with an amazing husband who steps right in to take care of sick kids, gets up in the middle of the night with the kid that can’t seem to figure out how to sleep through the night, and makes soccer practice runs. He makes sure I eat, tattles on me to the doctor when I haven’t been drinking enough water, and refuses to let me drive to chemotherapy alone. He wears pink from head to toe every Monday and supports me in every decision I make. He is absolutely the most amazing father, caretaker, and husband that there is. I could not do life without him. He’s our rock over here! 

When all of this is said and done, J.R. and I want to find a way to give back to all of the folks that have supported us. So- giant party is coming your way when we return to normalcy! Drinks on us! 


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